Why is there a need for Professional Dustless Blasting Services?

Surface preparation is essential before painting any metal, wooden, or concrete surface. But why? Dirt, stains, grease, etc. accumulate on the exterior and interior surfaces of buildings. Rust gets deposited on metal surfaces that get exposed to damp air. And, if rust, dirt, grease, grime, or the remnants of old coatings are not removed properly before painting a surface, the desired results is not achieved. Rust spreads under the painted metal surface and damages it from within. Proper surface preparation will extend the lifetime of your finished product. Dustless blasting will also remove graffiti from buildings along with peeling paint, floor striping, stains, rust, etc. Most stubborn clean-up projects are a perfect candidate for dustless blasting.

Why should you choose Dustless Blasting over Sandblasting?

Dustless blasting and sandblasting are the two most popular surface restoration techniques

How does Sandblasting work?

Sandblasting is a surface restoration method that involves dry blasting using sand particles. This method is powerful but time-consuming. Sandblasting can ruin certain surfaces like metal or wood. The reason is dry abrasives cause friction that causes the metal surface to heat up causing warping. During Sandblasting, loads of harmful air-borne particles are emitted that mess up and contaminate the surrounding environment.

How does Dustless blasting work?

This is an innovative technique to clean and strip paint from any surface without producing a big plume of dust. A dustless blaster combines abrasives with water within a blast tank. During blasting this, water traps abrasives and other materials such that they fall straight on the ground instead of creating a smoke of suspended particles in the air.

With this kind of blasting, the remnants of old paint and other substances can be removed quickly and effectively. Left behind is a clean, smooth, and rust-free surface ready to be painted. Hence, dustless blasting is the right alternative for the labor-intensive and lengthy sandblasting process.

Benefits of Dustless blasting

  • Much faster coating removal and can be executed in a few hours
  • Water reduces friction & prevents the warping of thin surfaces
  • Suppression of air-borne dust
  • Wet blasting is less messy and can be easily contained
  • Lesser media consumption per job
  • An environment-friendly technique that complies with Government regulations
  • Doesn’t affect nearby workers

How Can Our Dustless Blasting Services make a difference?

As a leading blasting company in Chicagoland, we have extensive experience in graffiti removal, cleaning, restoration, and paint stripping services for concrete building walls, wood, etc. We’re mobile. Our professionals will travel to your location and provide you with surface restoration services. We also offer soft washing service too. A complete mobile self-contained pressure washing service for lighter duty cleaning. We serve most suburbs of the Chicagoland area.

Why Choose Us?

Our Work Ethics

We are a team of value-driven trained professionals with extensive experience in providing surface restoration services using Dustless Blasting. We have a proven track record of delivering top-grade paint stripping, graffiti removal, rust removal, line striping removal & cleaning services We use the right set of tools and technology that will make the restoration process much simpler, effective, hassle-free, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. We use advanced equipment so that your job is carried out impeccably. Our staff is experienced and insured. Our services are reliable and guarantee the longevity of your surfaces. We understand your requirement and offer you customized services based on your need.

Your Gain

Protecting & restoring your structures is of utmost importance to us. We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional services and exceed our client’s expectations. Our competence lies in your surfaces & structures. Connect with us to know more about our offerings Get an estimate for restoration/ cleaning services like paint stripping, graffiti removal, rust removal, line striping removal, etc using Dustless Blasting Systems.

Commercial & Industrial Properties

Old commercial buildings & spaces like municipal properties, public garages, and government spaces are susceptible to wear and tear. Old paint can trap moisture and cause masonry damage with time. We can power-clean and restore such structures by stripping away layers of paint to provide defect-free smooth surfaces.

Roads and Parking Lots

Our line striping removal services work wonders to restore roads and parking lots. Line stripping is crucial to ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers. Crosswalks and parking lots should be well-defined to avoid any unwanted mishaps. As such, they should be painted at frequent intervals. However, restriping or repainting crosswalks wouldn’t be that effective unless the previous markings are removed thoroughly before painting.
The three most prevalent methods for line stripping removal are sandblasting, grinding, and dustless blasting. Sandblasting and grinding are not eco-friendly and are likely to damage the asphalt itself. Also, grinding creates debris, and sandblasting creates huge plumes of smoke. Dustless blasting resolves these pain areas as it uses water along with abrasives. It is an environment-friendly method and causes minimal scarring of the asphalt.
We use this kind of blasting for line stripping removal to create the perfect base required for new markings without compromising on the longevity of the asphalt.

We also offer Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Services.

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